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Snowmobile trail groomer

Join The Barnes Corners Sno-Pals Snomobile Club

Maintaining over 100 miles of NYS Tug Hill Plateau Snowmobile Trail System since 1977.

Club Events

Please consider joining our club and become involved. We need more active members to help with our organization.

Club meetings are the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 7:00pm at the Barnes Corners Sno-Pals Groomer Barn. 

The Annual SNIRT Run will be on Saturday March 30, 2024. All participants in the SNIRT Run are expected to provide proof of license, registration and insurance as may be required by law, to be in accordance with Local Laws.


More SNIRT INFO here

If you would like to be a vendor or a sponsor

click here to download the form


-Ride on the right side of the trails.

-Stay off of private property.

See you on the trails & don't forget to check our Facebook page for current club news!

Club News


We are starting to see some snow on the Hill. Our private land snowmobile trails will not be opened until 12/12/22.

We are still out doing trail maintenance.

We purchased a new Tucker this summer and are saying good bye to one of our old work horses, the 7830 John Deere.

We are doing some major repairs on the Case. Hopefully Brim will be up and running when the trails open.

We are also working on bringing trails to the Adams community.

Remember to join a club. We are always looking for new members and volunteers.

We are looking forward to a successful and safe upcoming snowmobiling season.


Letter from the President of Barnes Corners Sno-Pals (BCSP)

This letter is to explain some issues that have come to the Clubs attention

Snowmobile Trail

  1. The trails that we groom are for snowmobile riding only.

  2. When we BCSP sign a field and put “STAY ON TRAIL” signs in a field, STAY ON THE TRAIL! Do not venture off the trail out into the field, the farmers land is private land that the trail is going across and is for the snowmobile club and snowmobilers to on ONLY. The farmer could have planted alfalfa or a cover crop and they do not want these crops damaged or the fields dug up. It requires a lot of work to obtain permission and keep that permission to cross the farmers land. You want to ride fresh powder, go out west or to Quebec.

  3. All of the land on our trail system is NOT for boondocking or Off Trail Riding.

  4. For example, last winter, some snowmobiler opened a fence gate on the Copenhagen Trail and left the fence gate open. The landowner’s horses got out of the fenced area. Now we have to find a trail around this property.

  5. When we are out grooming the trails, we (the groomer operators) will stop or pullover and let you by, be patient. Too many people pass us on the inside of a corner or a crest of a hill.

  6. Snowmobile speed on the trail is TOO FAST! Slow Down!

  7. Too many people are riding side by side on a trail. Do not ride side by side on a trail.

  8. There are a lot of empty beer cans and garbage alongside of the trails. This is a carry in, carry out area. How would you like garbage dumped in your back yard?

  9. Ultimately, we want everyone to ride safe and have fun.

  10. The landowners are getting tired of the disrespect to them.


  1. I have received numerous reports of ATV’s riding on a SNOWMOBILE trail that passes across private land and State DEC Land. THE SNOWMOBILE TRAILS on private and state land are for snowmobiles ONLY. NO ATV’s on snowmobile trails that cross private or state land.

  2. For example, we BCSP are installing gates on trails to hopefully limit access to these snowmobile trails because ATV’s are riding these trails (specifically Tom Sawyer Truck Trail and Copenhagen Trail from 194 to Corey Road). This is a SNOWMOBILE TRAIL ONLY. We might have to close these trails.

  3. The ATV’s that are riding on these trails are NOT representing the ATV sport in a good way.

  4. Yes, we (BCSP) organize the SNIRT RUN which is an ATV event, but the SNIRT RUN is a ROAD ONLY EVENT and does not go on any private land or trails.

  5. Local landowners are getting tired of the disrespect to them.

Club Membership


Membership form


Your membership helps to maintain the trails that you ride.  Being a member of a snowmobile club, lowers your NYS registration substantially.  The New York State Snowmobile Association (NYSSA) has made it mandatory across the state, that ALL CLUBS must  now charge $30 for a membership.


Please use the NYSSA membership website for the fastest way to register.


Go to


Business Supporters of BCSP


Looking for a place to eat, stay, or fix your sled?  Check out the businesses that support the BCSP. Want to become a BCSP business supporters? Click here to contact the BCSP club.


Photo Gallery


Check out some of our fun photos of BCSP events, equipment, and snowmobiling on the TUG. Do you have one you would like to submit? Send it through the contact form! 



Contact BCSP


Use our contact form to reach out to us.  This will send an email which we will reply to as soon as possible.  

Use the following subjects:

  • Membership Issue

  • Become a Business supporter

  • Suggest a link

  • Add your BCSP photo to our gallery


Links for Snowmobilers



Groomer Schedule


Even though the groomer schedule never changes, they will often go out and do some of the trails even more often than what is listed on the groomer schedule.  As always, be safe and watch for the groomer. 



Trail Reports


The BCSP stick to a an esatblished groomer schedule. We will occasionally post trail reports here but the best way to stay up to date on the condition of the trails is to join us on Facebook.

Do you have a trail report to share?  Join us on facebook and share your experiences and photos.

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70 mile lunch ride 2008 018.jpg
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copenhagen loop 006.jpg
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70 mile lunch ride 2008 009.jpg
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70 mile lunch ride 2008 013.jpg
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