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2019 Groomer Reports

12/21/19 - Due to weather, there are many down trees and limbs along with some open water holes on some trails. Please ride with caution, stay to the right and always yield to groomers! 

1/26/19- About 6 inches of new snow on the hill today. Grooming is per the schedule, with Montague to Salmon River Gate being done tonight. Please be safe and respectful to groomers and private property. 


12/27/18 - Due to the lack of snow, there is no grooming and private trails are closed. All trails have very limited or no snow.

12/15/18 - Doug's drive (trail behind Tuggers) is closed due to the lack of snow. Copenhagen trail is closed due to lack of snow. Respect landowners please.


12/7/18 - We will be grooming the main trails from Barnes Corners to Montague this evening. The gate on Doug's trail will be open. Not sure if it will be groomed at this time. Tom Sawyer trail and trail to Copenhagen remain closed. Trail behind Hook and Ladder will not be groomed. Will be grooming to Mad River gate and Parker's Corners. Please remember to respect private owners property , stay to the right, watch for fallen trees and limbs and be safe. Have fun!

2/6/2018 - Sno-Pals are back out in force! We have the tracks in and both machines are grooming Montague tonight. Groomed Copenhagen today. Thanks to all for the patience and the hard work!

2/5/2018 - Update from the groomers: Copenhagen trail groomed yesterday, All Montague rund done the last 3 nights. Worth and Adams done today, Montague again tonight. Worth grooming being done now Oswego County line.

1/29/2018 - We've gotten a report of a large tree down across the trail, not far from the parking area on Spring Street. Please be cautious until it has been removed.  


1/25/2018 - Doug's trail behind Tuggers will be opened back up at 6pm tonight. Please respect all land owners. 

1/22/2018 - Due to a land owner’s decision, Doug’s Drive trail (Tugger’s Intersection to Denning Road) is CLOSED. This closure was not made by Barnes Corners Sno-pals or snowmobilers. To get to Barnes Corners from Denning Rd, stay on Denning Road all the way to county route 189, cross cty rte 189 and take Grunley Rd.. Get on power line and take to State Route 177. Cross 177 and take Babbits Corners rd to where the trail goes to the power line. Take power line to Williams rd, take Williams Rd to Old State Rd, cross State Route 177 and you will come into Barnes Corners.

1/17/2018 - All Montague trails were groomed last night except Tom Sawyer and cut off trail from hook and ladder to Culpepper. Some low lying places have ice. 

12/14/17- Trail from Barnes Corners to Culpeper rd to gate on salmon river rd. Olin, flat rock groomed last night.


3/25/2017 - We are closing the trail behind Tuggers because of low snow conditions. This is a private land owned trail and we have to respect their property. We are sorry and thank you for your support. 

3/5/2017 - All of the Montague trails were groomed yesterday and last night. Trails coming out of Barnes Corners are thin on snow and the remaining are excellent. We expect to groom again tonight on the Montague trails. ​

2/21/2017 - The Copenhagen Trail is now CLOSED 

2/11/2017 - All Montague Trails were groomed last night, the Worth Trail, Williams Road/Power Line Trail and Copenhagen Trails were done early this morning. Montague Trails will be done again tonight.

2/7/2017 - No grooming tonight due to rain.

2/6/2017 - All trails are groomed and in excellent condition except the trail connector from Tug Hill Inn to Culpepper Road. The Montague trails are being done 7 days a week. All other trails are done as scheduled with additional runs. Copenhagen was done yesterday with Adams and Worth today. We are headed out for Montague this evening. Enjoy the trails and be safe. Yield to the groomers on the trails

1/18/2017  - Trails have all been groomed, but rain and warm weather for the next week will make riding near impossible. Copenhagen trail was closed for low snow. We need new snow! Please stay on trails or we may lose them. 

1/14/2017 - Montague trails groomed last night except Tom Sawyer trail. This morning Worth trail and power line Williams Road groomed. Conditions are good. Barnes Corners to Copenhagen presently closed due to water. 

1/8/2017 - Worth and Adams trails groomed yesterday, Montague all groomed last night except Tom Sawyer trail. Today Copenhagen groomed,  and then all Montague traill will be groomed tonight.

1/6/2017 - Worth and Montagure were groomed yesterday and last night. Copenhagen and the power line route are presently being groomed. Montague will be groomed tonight. We are removing downed trees so drive safely. Our system has lots of snow and the riding is excellent, but ride carefully due to the number of sleders and please always yield to the groomers. 

1/4/2017 - All trails have been groomed before the rain and warm weather. With the hope of new snow in the next two days, the trails should be in fair conditions with the exceptions of ice spots and open water holes. Grooming will continue as soon as weather permits. As always, ride to the right and be safe


12/15/2016 - Please use caution on the Copenhagen Trail- there is logging and clearing operations going on for the next month or so. 



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