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Groomer Schedule

This grooming schedule may change according to trail conditions

Sunday Morning: Copenhagen. Evening: Montague

Monday Morning: Worth. Evening: TBA

Tuesday Morning:  Copenhagen. Evening: Montague 

Wednesday Morning: TBA  Evening: Montague

Thursday Morning:  Copenhagen, Worth. Evening: Montague 

Friday Morning:  Adams. Evening: Montague, Worth 

Saturday Morning: Copenhagen Evening: Montague

Adams Trails

Doug’s Drive —> Denning Road —> Gruntley Road —> Dobbins Road —>  Lomber Trail  —> Jerusalem Road —> Spring Street —>  Lawrence Road

—> Middle Road —>  Babbits Road —>  Power Line Trail —> Williams Rd

Copenhagen Trails

C5 Trail (between the Groomer Barn & Corey Road) -–> Corey Road –-> Gardner Road -–> Pinkney Road -->  C5 Trail (From Pinkney Rd to Rt 12) THURSDAY’S ONLY: Tontarski Road --> Grant Road--> McGowen Road

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